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What to Know About Planning A Successful Teen Birthday Bash

When it comes to celebrating birthdays as a parent, each age group presents its own unique set of challenges. In some ways, throwing a birthday party for a teenager can be a frustrating experience. You can’t do the same things you did for them, when they were younger, but they’re not adults yet either. So, what do you do?

Start with a Theme

While teenagers may not be the most communicative lot, they do share enough with their families that you should have an idea about what your teen likes. Use that to arrange a theme for the party and consider that theme, when looking to book places for teenage birthday party Dallas Texas. One example might be a teen with an interest in vampire fiction. Red Hawaiian soda can be poured into a punch bowl with ice and fruit, while red and black streamers are hung throughout the venue. 

Make a Budget and a List

Essentially, you’re planning a major event, just as your boss might have you do for the company. The same general rules apply. Set your budget and make a list of everything you’ll need for the party. If you foresee needing any big-ticket items, like a smoke machine for that vampire party, make sure those go at the top of your list. 

Skip the Birthday Cake

That’s right. Skip it altogether, especially if you anticipate a big turnout. Instead, arrange a sweets table with a variety of choices, making sure to include something special for the guest of honor. You can bake homemade goodies, include candies, or add pastries. Many of these items can be bought in bulk at a discount, so this may be an easier choice than trying to bake enough cake for a big crowd of teenagers.

Decide What Entertainment Will Be Offered 

Will you have a DJ or a live band? Certainly, you’ll need some kind of music. Teens are just beginning to date and make social connections, so music and dancing is vital to their socialization skills. Plus, dancing keeps things active, lively, and safe. You might also want to consider having games, where the guests can win prizes. You’ll need to plan out the games, as well as the prizes ahead of time, so begin thinking about this at least one full month before the event.

Give Chaperones Their Instructions

Every teen event needs chaperones, so plan ahead for this as well. Those you choose will need the notice, so they can ensure they’ll be free the night of the party. You’ll also want to meet with them in advance to outline their duties. Let them know what activities are acceptable and what behaviors are not going to be tolerated. They should be visible at the party, but not overbearing to the point where the teen guests feel like prisoners.
These tips can help you organize a successful birthday party. Of course, it might also be a good idea to ask the guest of honor for his or her input. Your teen may have more ideas, which can only make it easier for you to plan the bash.

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