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3 Difficult Questions Children Often Ask During a Divorce

Although divorce is often thought of as a conflict between spouses, when there are children involved, there is much more to the divorce dynamics. Children may not know how to deal with the pain they are feeling, may blame themselves for the situation, or may become depressed and withdrawn. To help you prepare your explanation to your children, a Tampa divorce lawyer offered these three difficult questions children often ask during a divorce.

What Does a Divorce Mean?

It can be hard to explain to your child why you are tearing their life apart as you define a simple word. So, tell them things in the family haven’t been right for a long time, and both of you, as married people, want to make a change to find something that feels right. Children have an intuitive sense when it comes to parental lying, so keep your narrative as close to the truth as possible.

Will You Stop Loving Me, Too?

Children can be sensitive to the nuances of shifting moods between parents, so it is only natural your children will wonder when you will stop loving them. As you explain how much you love the tot, stress that parents never stop loving their children no matter what happens between his or her parents. If the child is old enough, you can attempt to explain that love in a marriage is different than how moms and dads love their children.

Where Will I Live?

Use this moment to reinforce how much you both love your child, and the divorce can provide the opportunity for new friends and new areas of the city to visit. Remind them that between web access and telephone calls, your child can have plenty of facetime with either of you when he or she is away.

The more stressed you become during the divorce proceedings, the more your child may need signs of affection or demonstrations of love. Remember, he or she has no control in this matter, and that can hurt most of all.

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