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How To Hire a Seasonal Agricultural Worker

Agriculture is a largely seasonal business in that each season you have different tasks and needs for supplies and employees. Once the crops are ready to be harvested, you need all hands on deck and maybe even more hands than you usually employ. There are two ways to get seasonal workers, by hiring permanent residents and by bringing in workers on a visa.


Hiring seasonal agricultural workers on H2A visas means bringing workers from another country for seasonal or temporary work. This can help you draw from a larger pool of potential employees who are looking for seasonal work. Many of these workers will have experience working with your types of crops and equipment. You can even find companies online to help you get the right paperwork filled out and turned in. Agricultural workers will be responsible for tending to crops and livestock, using fertilizers and insecticides and other farm-related tasks.


In some ways it can be easier to hire residents to work in the fields because you will not have as much paperwork to deal with and do not have to worry about getting work visas for non-resident workers. However, it can be more expensive to hire residents and the turn out to apply for open positions can be far lower. These are labor-intensive positions with most of the work taking place outside, so finding the number of seasonal workers you need can be a challenge when you only have your local population to choose from.

Hiring the seasonal workers you need for your agricultural business can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you are limited to those who live in your area. Luckily, you can apply for H2A visas for your workers and bring them in from other countries to tend your crops and animals.

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