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Planning the Perfect Community Event

Whether you’re raising awareness for a good cause or simply trying to bring people together, a community event is a great way to reach out to those in your neighborhood. However, it takes some thoughtful planning to create an affair that people will actually make the time to attend. While advertising is a good start, it’s important to make sure you have all of the elements that draw crowds of all ages for the best turnout. Here are some factors to consider when preparing for your next major community event.

Think About the Kids

If you want to attract families in your neighborhood, set up an area designed for children. You can go all out with rides and inflatables new jersey or keep things simple with crafts and games. Either way, make sure you have enough activities to entertain kids for the full amount of time that you want people to hang around. If fundraising is your goal, keep costs low here and make up for the difference in concessions, contests and other activities geared towards adults.

Serve Food and Drinks

One of the most anticipated parts of any community event is the food. People tend to enjoy special snacks and treats that they don’t normally fix for themselves, like fresh popcorn, snow cones and funnel cakes. Be sure to provide sweet and savory options and do your best to cater to major dietary needs, such as low-sugar or nut-free. If you plan on serving alcohol at your event, be sure to check up on the rules and license requirements to keep everyone safe while having a good time.

Line Up Some Entertainment

Another way to keep folks lingering around for hours is to provide some form of entertainment. If you don’t have a large budget, scout out some local talent that may be willing to present for free. Many musicians or small bands are happy to have the chance to perform and get their name out there.

With a little effort and planning, you can be on your way to a successful and memorable community event.

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