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Tips to Make Your Workforce Safe While On-the-Road

A company that is responsible for employees who are on the road as a part of their job duties needs to be proactive about safety. Carefully established policies and procedures will help ensure that your team is driving safely and will be less likely to be involved in an accident.

Perform Driving Record Checks as a Part of the Hiring Process

Before you hire new staff, you should perform a driving record background check to find out if a person has a history of repeated accidents or traffic violations. When you can see that people have a good driving record, you can be better assured that they’ll drive safely while they’re on-the-job.

Provide Training About Safe Driving

Even experienced drivers can benefit from training materials about auto safety and accident prevention. You can have staff complete an online training course that provides detailed instruction on good driving habits. For example, the National Safety Council offers a low-cost course on defensive driving that is geared towards helping businesses prevent accidents and reduce their liability exposure.

Use Vehicle Safety Monitoring Equipment

A device that plugs into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port can help you stay apprised of an individual’s driving habits. You can get alerts for unsafe practices such as speed limit violations or sudden stopping. In addition, you can track a vehicle’s route to verify that staff is driving where they’re supposed to over the course of a workday.

Have Company Vehicles Serviced Regularly

Ongoing maintenance is essential to ensuring that a vehicle is roadworthy and will lessen the possibility of a mechanical problem resulting in an accident. Establish a policy for maintenance and delegate responsibility to a key staff member.

Taking steps to prevent accidents will keep your team safe and reduce your liability exposure. Ultimately, anything that you can do to make your team safer is well worth your resources.

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