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Why Businesses Benefit From Testing Their Package Distribution

Businesses pack and ship packages locally to internationally. Understanding how the system works is key to preventing shipping errors, lowering costs and ensuring product survives the transit intact. Testing that system gives business owners and managers the information needed to change, alter or maintain the distribution of their products. Your packaging materials need to handle impact, vibrations, altitude and temperature changes for the best damage resistance in route to your customers.

Impact Testing

A company offering distribution testing should test the impact limits of the various packaging you ship product in. Packages get tossed around, shift and are dropped in transit. If the packaging material cannot hold up to the perils of distribution, the products within have a higher probability of damage. Testing the impact resistance of different packaging materials in your distribution system can give you the information you need to adjust the materials to better suit the products you sell. The materials should be able to withstand vibrations from the vehicles they travel on or the ships carrying them overseas.

Damage Resistance

Packaging should handle the rigors of travel from point A to point B. When the packaging material doesn’t hold up, the product inside can be damaged. Ensuring the product doesn’t exceed the weight for the packaging material is one way to reduce the chance of damage in transit. Rugged packing materials and used within the containers can help prevent damage to fragile objects.

Return Customers

When your product arrives to the customer intact and as ordered, they are more likely to order products from you again. Few people relish receiving a package damaged in transit. It is a hassle for them to call your company, request a replacement, reship the package and then wait for the new one to arrive. Reduce the potential for customer dissatisfaction by regularly testing the packaging and distribution of your products. Happy customers are more likely to give you repeat business.

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