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Secure Your Company Information with Sophos

In the insecure world of the Internet, implementing a successful cyber security system is vital in protecting the sensitive information of your business. Strong cyber infrastructure is a necessity. The contemporary cyber work force is filled with hackers that have adapted their methods to infiltrate outdated systems of security. Sophos endpoint protection is an innovative system for protecting your business of any size. Utilizing systems such as device and application control paired with other systems for managing security, a Sophos endpoint encryption offers a great option for security your business in the cyber world.

Sophos Endpoint Encryption: Innovative Protection

A dynamic blend of protection practices, Sophos endpoint protection offers a multifaceted protection system for companies of any size to secure their data and information. The encryption technology is innovative. Sophos uses the established security method of malicious traffic detection and combines it with recognition of real time threats and exterior web access to protect your information.

Different Options: The Cloud vs. Onsite

Available as a could-based or onsite platform, Sophos can be managed via the web or an onsite console. An on premise platform provides a role based administration and full control capabilities within your company environment. A cloud-based platform offers the perfect way to sample the system and see if it works for your company and needs. The web-based cloud console allows you to manage your protection through the web and configure company permissions and policies.

 In a world where maintaining effective security systems is a constant battle against the evolving hacker, a Sophos endpoint encryption can secure your information from a variety of angles and through a multitude of techniques. Designed as a tool to support organizations of all sizes, the encryption technology offers a great solution to security. Sophos expands on traditional security systems combatting real time threats.

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