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Dryer Lint, A Devilish Scourge

Dryer Vent cleaning: Ever present in your mind and yet, never thought of. Each dryer cycle is additive to an issue that is largely invisible and goes UN-noticed by most, if not all until it’s too late. 

The end results of neglect are grim and sometimes dangerous. From pesky humidity and mold to devastating fire. One should never blame one’s self. It happens to the most conscientious of us. It’s an issue that comes with every dryer in existence. Always has. Always will.

That it is a law of nature is an axiom and cannot be avoided. Only dealt with, professionally. The following link can shed a light on the possibilities of dryer lint neglect. U.S. Fire Administration Maintenance of dryer ductwork. It seems easy but it’s not, and it never will be. It’s simply a fact of life. The convenience of the miracle machine known as “The Dryer” is a wonderful thing and no one should be without one. Yet, maintenance, upkeep, and general care areas necessary for the Dryer as it is with any other mechanical device and venting is the most important aspect. Specialized care is critical to avoid and/or eliminate the buildup in Dryer Vent ductwork. The slow, inevitable accumulation of lint from each and every dryer cycle is something that should not be ignored or avoided. The consequences can be severe.

There is little one can do to maintain ventilation without specialized equipment and experience. Though quality and design of dryer systems improve constantly, the ever-present exhaust issues cannot be avoided, and periodic checking should be a regular part of the ownership of such appliances. The cost of such periodic inspections is a very small price to pay when compared to replacement of a unit or perhaps a much worse consequence like fire or even smoke damage. So, although the buildup of lint is a slow process, it is continuous. Each drying cycle is a step closer to the failure of the system. But, this can all be avoided with simple, regular steps which should be a part of every laundering routine. 

Peace of mind and hassle-free laundering makes an otherwise tedious chore much less of a burden on any household or business. An important necessity in life, proper drying, and clean drying systems add to the quality of life. Nothing beats slipping on a toasty, dry pair of comfy socks and, worry-free drying can offer that simple pleasure to all. 

Professionals can make all drying dreams come true again and again. A lint-free life is a happy life and we all enjoy the simple things, if only on a simple level. Damp dungarees should never come out of a dryer and with squeaky clean ductwork, they never will.
Leaving such important maintenance to those who know it well and have skills and talent specifically focused on drying systems is a great choice to make. The age-old phrase “Better safe than sorry” is a quip to keep in your lint free pocket.

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