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Cannabis – Overview, Uses, And Side-Effects

Cannabis are essentially herbs. The cannabis primarily contain chemicals called cannabinoids which affect the central nervous system, including the brain and the nerves. The cannabinoid chemical is found at the highest level in the leaves and flowers of cannabis, which, in turn, are used to make all kinds of medicines.

But, some people also consume cannabis for recreational purposes, and it is then used to “feel good”. A lot of people refer to cannabis and hemp seeds alternatively, but, such is not the case. The hemp seeds are grown for the rough parts of the plant, the fiber as well as the seeds. Until, now cannabis seeds are illegal in the USA, but some other states such as California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona have legalized its usage.

  • How Do Cannabis Actually Work?

Cannabis contain some very potent chemicals that bind with specific sites in the brain and on the nerves.

  • What Is Cannabis Used For?

Cannabis are usually used for multiple reasons, some of these are:

  • Multiple Sclerosis

Cannabis help deal with symptoms of multiple sclerosis, such as muscle spasms, and nerve pain. In places like Canada and the UK, this product is approved as a prescription drug for treating multiple sclerosis.

  • Nerve Pain

Smoking cannabis often reduces nerve pain as well, which can be caused by multiple sclerosis or various other problems. The pain relief lasts for a maximum of 2 hours.

  • Crohn Disease

Cannabis are often thought to reduce symptoms of Crohn’s disease, but under no circumstance can a patient become symptom-free.

  • Involuntary Weight Loss

A lot of people lose weight due to various health problems, in such cases, cannabis plays a crucial role as they help enhance a person’s appetite and provides them the desire to eat.

  • Parkinson Disease

According to research cannabis, help reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s disease such as pain, stiffness, and shakiness.

  • What Are The Side Effects Associated With Consuming Cannabis?

As cannabis contain some potent chemicals, consuming cannabis can have some severe side effects in users. Such as:

  • Consumption By Mouth

Cannabis such as CM39 seeds is highly unsafe when taken by mouth as their prolonged consumption can lead to a disorder called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome or CHS. CHS, leads to repeated bouts of nausea and vomiting that cannot be cured by typical anti-nausea medicines.

  • Consumption By Spraying

There are side effects associated with consuming cannabis by spraying into the mouth, such as nausea, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, and paranoid thinking.

  • Consumption By Inhaling

Smoking cannabis such as CM39 seeds is potentially hazardous to health and can result in various breathing problems such as wheezing and coughing. Cannabis consumption also leads to air-filled cavities in the lungs. These air-filled cavities then lead to chest pressure, soreness and difficulty breathing. Therefore, one must refrain from smoking cannabis for a prolonged period of time to avoid repercussions.

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