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Dos and Don’ts to be followed this Holi

Holi  is just around the corner and we hope you are all ready to celebrate the celebration of colours in style and elegance. We also hope that keep your physical condition and the environment and other’s safety in mind you will be using organic colours and at least do your bit in encouraging others to follow the path. Keep away from mixing around with people for whom Holi is just an excuse to spread misbehavior – hooligans, eve teasers and anti-social. Be careful and play Holi only with people whom you trust not to cross the unsaid code of demeanor and value each other’s limits.

On the other hand, we know that Holi leaves behind a mess to clean – the knotted hair, colour stains on your skin, infections and if the wrong colours are used then it makes your skin prickly, red and crumbling too. So, here we bring to your some safety measures that you need to follow before and after playing Holi so that when the the merriment are over you are all smiles with good memories and don’t have to bother about how to get rid of the colours from your hair and skin. Here, we list down some dos and don’ts to follow during the festival of colours.

 Rules to follow  while playing Holi

Cover your wounds: Make sure that all your wounds are properly covered before playing Holi and wounds are carefully cleaned post-Holi to avoid infection.

Keep yourself covered as much as possible: The best safeguard is to keep your skin covered as much as possible with bodily protectors like full sleeve shirts, leggings, denim etc. The uncovered area should be protected by applying petroleum jelly of an occlusive moisturizer to prevent undue absorption of harmful chemicals.

Buy organic colours: A common hitch that can crop up during Holi is intense itching. The holi colours tend to contain ingredients like lead oxide (black), copper sulfate and malachite green (green), aluminium bromide (silver), mercury sulphate (red) etc. These give an eczematous and allergic reaction to the metal and colour. Dry colours are apt to contain two components, colourant and a base both of which cause cutaneous problems. The most excellent way to fix this problem is to make use of a colour that are organic and natural extracts of fruits, leaves and barks with a mixture of flowers and herbs. Mica dust is often added as a sparkling agent to dehydrate holi powder. This dust can microtrauma in appearance of tiny punctures in the skin and then lead to infection. Best is to stay away from powder which has a lot of sparkles.

Avoid using old colours: Skin infections like bacterial infection are very common during holi. They occur mostly because of using impure starch or wheat flour which is used as a base for making of the Holi colour. Also, old colours which have been left in the bags for very long get infected by bacteria. So it’s always best to use products which have undergone a class check and are available as a preserved pack.

Avoid immersing hands in water for too long: During Holi because of immersion of the hand in the water for a very long time and constant exposure to water one can build up infection and irritation of the nail fold. It’s best to keep the nails trimmed short and if there is any fungal infection take care of it before playing Holi.

Take precautions to avoid acne breakouts: Flare of acne is frequent if a person is already suffering from acne because of the contact to the chemicals in Holi colours such as lead oxide and aluminium bromide. These are the acne infuriating chemicals. Try to use an occlusive moisturiser on the face before you start playing Holi as this will form a wall and prevent direct contact with the chemicals. Also to be on the safer side try to keep away from silver and black colours.

After playing Holi:

Don’t be harsh on the skin: Using rough loofah or stone energetically to remove the Holi colours is not suggested. This can leave the skin red and aggravated. It’s best to use a hydrating body wash and gently make an effort to remove the colour. Appliance of olive oil on the whole body and trying to remove the colour also helps. Try to make your own scrub like taking a small portion of delicate ground brown sugar with honey and then using this as a scrub.

Use a natural exfoliate to take off the colours: After playing Holi it’s very important to straight away wash the entire colour. Try to make a homespun scrub which also acts as a moisturizer. Use brown sugar, honey and alsoaloe vera. Crush them and use as an exfoliate for the skin and to remove the colour.

Take help if necessary: If one experiences itching or any burning sensations it is best to immediately visit a dermatologist.

Bathe in lukewarm or cold water: Avoid using the hot shower to have a bath because it tends to dry the body further and will leave the skin itchier and damaged.

Treat skin injury promptly: Examine the skin if there are any minor cuts or strain and treat it immediately. Untreated wounds can get infected quickly.

Be vigilant with the eyes: Any reaction in the skin around the eye area should be treated at once with a repair cream or a moisturizer. If the rashes still doesn’t settle its best to go to a dermatologist.

And there you have it! The dos and don’ts that must be followed this holi. Have a safe holi, and enjoy it while you can.

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