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Four Great Career Fields For Veterans

Sometimes it can be fairly easy to transition from a military job into a civilian career: if you were an electrician on a submarine you can be an electrician just about anywhere. However, some military jobs have no direct civilian counterpart so the transition is not always so smooth. If you find yourself out of the service and are not sure what you want to get into next, here are a few careers to consider.


Military personnel are known for their leadership and supervisory skills. As an operations manager you will be responsible for ensuring efficient procedures and good interdepartmental cooperation. Personnel management and supervisory positions involve direct oversight of other workers. Daily duties will vary from one industry to another, and from one company to the next, but the bottom line will always involve improving the performance of the people you lead.


In the armed forces, you learned about hard work, risk assessment, problem solving, plan development and timely execution. Find an underserved market in your area and put those skills to work. For example, open a cleaning company jacksonville fl and make serving your customers your mission. Pay close attention to detail and follow through on your commitments and you will be sure to win the battle for customer loyalty.

Information Technology

Few military jobs exist that don’t use technology, often using cutting-edge equipment. Cybersecurity is a fast-growing field for which you may especially well suited, as it requires a mindset of patrol and defend, identify and fix. This is one field that will continue to grow as nations around the globe become more dependent on technology and connectivity.


If your military career involved dealing with new personnel constantly, coordinating activities among departments, managing transport of equipment, following through on commands and complying with various regulations, this is the field for you. Trucking companies, freight brokerages and large retail operations are just a few of the many employers in this field, and there are sure to be opportunities wherever you choose to live.

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