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Hiring a Security Guard

Whether you’re holding a major public event or running a company or business, security guards are a great resource for maintaining the peace. Here are some factors to take into account if you’re thinking about hiring security professionals.

Do Your Research

Whether hiring a private security guard or company, you could avoid any number of complications if you do your homework first. If they have a web site, go on there and try finding out if all the guards are licensed, as well as if the company (if you choose to go with one) offers 24/7 support. Look at local security firms’ ratings on professional review sites (just type in the service and location, e.g. security guard services new orleans) and even consider running a background check on any individual guards you decide to hire.

Be Ready (and Willing) to Pay

Like any services, security guards will charge you for their work, so be as detailed as possible when explaining the exact kind of security you’ll need: mention the size of the premises, what time of day they’ll be working, whether or not you need the guards to be armed, and then ask how much they’ll charge. From there, only proceed if you’re willing to pay their stated fee, which can range anywhere from $12 to $60 an hour.

Know the Difference Between “Observe and Report” Agencies and High-Risk Guards

For situations where violence is a definite possibility (e.g. a bank robbery or patrolling a major event on the streets like a parade or a protest), high-risk guards are your best bet, and will often be armed. “Observe and report” guards, on the other hand, are generally unarmed and aren’t trained or equipped to deal with excessively violent situations, but don’t sell them short: not only are they less expensive, their police-like uniforms often deter criminals from even trying to act.

If you want to keep your valuables, building or peers safe, you’ll never get caught off-guard (literally) with professional security agents around.

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