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How It All Went Really Wrong!

You were following just a little too closely when the car in front of you slammed on its brakes. You didn’t have time to avoid the accident because you had just looked down to change the radio station because your friends in the back seat were complaining about the song that was raging. Your friends grabbed a cab and flowed into the night to continue partying while you waited with your car for the police officer to arrive. That was when it all began going really, really wrong!

The Pipe

One of your less than classy friends left their pipe in the back seat of your car in full view of the police, so of course your car got searched. Who knows what else they left for the police to find, but you were the one at the scene, and it is your car, so you get arrested for who knows what!

The Alcohol

Yes, you had been drinking at the last club, and yes you did drive knowing you had those two beers, but you could see to drive. So, why are the police making you walk a straight line and recite the alphabet backwards? You keep insisting you are only a social drinker and not a drunk, but the police won’t listen.

The Jail

Ending up in jail, you get photographed, and now your fingerprints are on file. You spend the night in jail and when you finally get hold of the Lancaster County bail bonds company and request information about the available bail, you find out you don’t have any collateral to support the costs.

Yes, this is how it all went really, really wrong on what began as a really good weekend with friends. You tell yourself it could happen to anyone as you continue to sit in jail and wait for the next meeting with the judge.

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