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How To Create Outdoor Ambiance With String Lighting

For homeowners eager to find some new and innovative outdoor lighting tips, you’re in luck. String lighting is the next big thing in exterior décor and yard design and you can get in on this hot new lighting trend without busting your budget. 

String lighting is typically associated with Christmastime. You see homes across America draping those green and white wires emblazoned with bright white or colored LED bulbs illuminating the neighborhood. Once Santa has come and gone, so too are the lights. 

But not anymore. String lights are quickly becoming a beautiful year-round answer for adding glowing ambiance to the outdoors of any home. Whether you’re hanging them over your deck or patio or along the edges of your balcony, there is a myriad of choices out there as to the best way for utilizing string lights in ways that can beautify and provide much needed lighting around the house. 

The best part is that you can do this work yourself or you can hire one of the many reliable contractors who do Outdoor Lighting New Jersey. It all depends on the look you’re going for and how best to create that unique aesthetic you might have in mind. 

Expert vs. DIY

You don’t necessarily need to have your home’s string lighting done by a professional, although it will certainly a lend a much more sophisticated aesthetic to your home’s exterior. When you go with a professional installer, you are going to be purchasing a higher quality of string lighting that are professional-grade and well-manufactured to ensure that these lights stand the test of time. 

They are designed and built to endure the heavy wear and tear that any lighting fixture might expect to be exposed to on a daily basis. Rain, extreme temperatures, wind, snow and sleet, all of these can have a detrimental impact on your exterior lighting and, where string lights are concerned, threaten to damage or even destroy your lights. 

This can occur with those string lighting sets you might purchase at a local department store or big-box warehouse retailer. However, if you reside in a region of the country where these impacts are greatly reduced, you might opt to go with a less expensive, store-bought option that you can hang yourself in any manner you wish. 

Ideas for Adding Ambiance

The first thing you want to consider is how much lighting you think you’ll need for your home’s exterior. You can determine this based upon the square footage of the area you plan to illuminate. A large open patio might require more strings than a small deck or upper balcony that has less livable area. You could need as few as one string to as many as four or five to create the ideal atmosphere you are seeking for your outdoor space. 


You should also consider the type of bulbs you wish to use. Many of the string lights being used most often these days incorporate LED bulbs. But you can select the type of bulbs you like best from clear to frosted to colored, it all really depends on what your exterior looks like and which bulb works best for the surrounding décor. 

Surrounding Structure

The area of the home you happen to be lighting can be helpful in giving you multiple places upon which to hang your lights. Whether you’re installing hooks into rafters or overhead beams or using what is already there to wrap and/or hang the lights to provide the aesthetic you want, you need to examine the surrounding structure of your patio or deck to see what is available. 


You can turn to your trees, bushes, and hedges to find useful locations upon which to hang and layer your string lighting to get that look you have in mind. You can wrap your strings around the trunks and branches of trees to offer a warm glow to any backyard. Consider layering string lights through your shrubbery to give your surrounding landscaping a smooth ambiance for any yard or patio area. 

Ceilings and Roofing

Perfect for enclosed porches and decks with an overhang up above, draping some string lighting along the perimeter edges or along the ceiling of your porch can provide plenty of light for entertaining friends or hanging out with loved ones on a warm midsummer evening. Choose any length you wish and hang as many or as few strings as you like, you can even drape them from one end to the other or side by side. You are limited only by your imagination.

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