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How to Get a Free Local Self Storage Quote

In this fast paced world of dynamic rapid-fire high speed, high tech information services we often suffer time poverty.  It can be difficult to find the time to gather information but there are some simple and helpful hints to help get a free local self storage quote.

Most people start a search for pricing and availability in the telephone yellow pages. These can be accessed in the local telephone directory book or on Internet sites that offer yellow pages categories.

 When starting to get a free local self storage quote a comfortable chair with good lighting will make the process more comfortable.  Also have a note pad and pen or pencil as there can be quite a selection of companies in any area and it is easy to get confused about what is which.

To get the best information with a free local self-storage quote, make a list of questions.  Also list what you are going to put in storage.  The person in the office will have a list of questions for you as well but make certain that all of your questions are answered before the call ends. 

Using your questions and the store employee’s questions and answers will help determine the most useful and cost effective size storage unit for you.

Starting with the first listed company, note any special offers such as discount coupons or free truck to use with move along with the company name, address and phone number before you place the call.  When local staff answers make note of the person’s name and the time of the call for later reference.  A skilled and knowledgeable store employee will walk you through an organized plan to help you determine which unit will best work for you. 

Any employee with superb customer service skills will gladly give you a free quote on local self storage that will include recommendations for size and type of unit.  If you receive only curt, abrupt answers punctuated by long silences perhaps this is not the facility for you.

There are several factors that can increase your satisfaction in your storage units Portland experience. There are several factors that can make it difficult and unpleasant. 

Most of these factors are in the hands of local staff.  It is very important in this initial stage to eliminate the possible sources of frustration.  This is why good notes on each facility that also reflect the demeanor and professionalism of the staff member are important.

As you continue your search for a free quote on self storage make note of the location.  You will need to judge if the lower price at a facility across town will be a better bargain than the facility just down the street.  This should be measured not only in the cost of driving but in the time cost to get to the facility.

You may be able to put your things in storage and never have to get something out but if you do need to visit your self storage unit it will be a much more pleasant experience if it is more conveniently located.

Talking directly with store personnel can give a wealth of good information but it is also very beneficial to obtain information from current or former tenants.  Working on the referral from a current or former tenant can aid in cutting through some of the leg work of obtaining a free local self storage quote.

It is well and good to take the advice of a store employee but the best source of information about a self storage facility is a former or current tenant.  Comparing the price quote your were given with the price information from a tenant can expose a company which first quotes an inflated price to give “wiggle room” to store managers.

If there is a significant difference this may be an indication of a less than fair price policy.  Remember the best way to get the best free quote on local storage is to consider all possibilities.  After all, you are placing personal property that you value enough to pay to have it in storage in the hands of strangers.  The lowest price may not be the best.

Another way to get a free local quote on storage is in the local neighborhood newspapers that offer advertising space.  Money saving coupons and offers usually fill a large portion of this space and it is an excellent venue to find your nearest self storage facility. 

The facility may be offering discounts on moving and storage supplies, truck rental, or storage units.  The ads may offer a loss leader special on a first month rental, free locks with move-in, or waiver of administrative fees.

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