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Protecting Schools with Bulletproof Shields

Over the past few years, there have been far too many school shootings, and these events caused an immeasurable amount of stress for families across the world. Children who have experienced these events are now traumatized and often no longer feel safe at school. Individual lawmakers have called for arming teachers to deter mass shootings in educational institutions. However, there has been little talk of options outside of teachers going on the offensive. If the objective is to keep guns out of schools, there are other solutions which make more sense. Providing each classroom with bulletproof shields will not solve this problem completely, but it will spark new topics of conversation regarding school shootings.

Keeping Teachers Alive

Teachers are often not provided the praise they deserve for education this country’s children. When terrible events such as school shootings occur, the life of a teacher is at risk too. Instead of armings teachers, education boards can figure out where they can find a bulletproof shield for sale. Defending the lives of school faculty should be a high priority for society, and this is a potential way of doing so. Sometimes, one’s defense can be considered the best offense in life-threatening scenarios.

Leaving the Weapons to Law-Enforcement

Police officers and other law-enforcement officials receive extensive training to use weapons properly. Also, police officers are placed in high-intensity training situations to remain calm at difficult times. Teachers, on the other hand, receive preparation primarily focused on educational material and how to relay this information to students. Teachers have enough on to deal with already and adding weapon training to this workload is not advisable. Teachers and other faculty should prepare to defend themselves due to the current condition of society. However, this does not mean turning them into the police officers of schools and receiving military grade weaponry.

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