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Sadigh Gallery Lays Emphasis on Checking Resources When Buying Artifacts

There are many people around the world who pursue the hobby of collecting beautiful ancient artifact. Adding an exquisite ancient item bought from a reliable establishment like Sadigh Gallery , can surely add a certain regal aura to the living room of a person. However, it is of extreme importance that people buy these exquisite items from a place on which they can fully place their trust on. It is especially important to steer clear of the items sold on the web that looks like that they have once graced an ancient palace, temple or tomb.  In fact, as per certain news reports, it has be found out that approximately eighty percent of the antiquities sold on the online markets tend to be likely forgeries or looted items.

Sadigh Gallery focuses on purchasing antiquities from reliable resources

The illicit trade ancient artifacts, coins and art are essentially not a new phenomenon. For many years unscrupulous dealers and smugglers have been piling their various wares on the web. However, recently quite a great uptick in fake or stolen artifacts that are been stolen on the web have been witnessed. As per certain reports, about 100,000 antiquities are listed for sale online around the world on a daily basis, a large number of them being fake or stolen.  This great boom can be attributed to a host of factors and reasons. The rapid growth of social media and e-commerce platforms, as well as the large-scale plundering of sites in many parts of the world is two of the key reasons for it.

Owing to the increasing number of fake and stolen antiquities in the market, it has become extremely important for people to check the resources of the relevant sellers before they purchase any such items. It would be the smartest move if people opt to purchase such objects from well established, experienced and trustworthy sellers, such as the Sadigh Gallery.   This basically is a family-owned art gallery that was founded in the year of 1978. This organization essentially specializes in selling ancient artifacts and coins from around the globe. They have in fact celebrated over 30 years of successful business in ancient artifact dealership quite recently.All the antiquities present on sale at this gallery are guaranteed authentic. They typically are sold with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity that is issued by the gallery itself.

Sadigh Gallery also provides their customers with the facility of secure packing for the items they have purchase in order to make sure of its safe delivery. In addition to this, there is a return privilege offered by this Gallery as well for a full refund of the purchase price. Due to their high reliability it is prudent that people purchase antiquities from this gallery or any similar establishment. Purchasing antiquities online however should be avoided as much as possible. While the items offered their typically tend to be of a lower price, they also carry a great amount of risks.

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