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The added value of Precise Aircraft Parts, INC. in Aircraft Interior Design – Junaid Peerani

Precise Aircraft Parts, Inc., owned & operated by Junaid Peerani, an aircraft parts seller, provides one-stop aviation solutions including spares support and aircraft sales & lease management services.

Junaid Peerani being the reliable aircraft parts seller worldwide represents products from the top manufacturers and is able to locate thousands of aircraft parts and components captured from his suppliers’ network in Precise Aircraft Parts, Inc. database to best serve company’s customers instantly. The company also bundles consumables and expendables from various reliable suppliers and manufacturers.

Precise Aircraft Parts, Inc. intervenes on the mechanical part, at the level of complex subsets. Indeed, arrange the interior of an aircraft involves advanced kinematics. This is particularly the case for all business class seats: bed extensions, moving from a sitting position to a bed, widening the space without disturbing the passenger, dressing (foams) subject-specific rules…

Even if their core business is the mechanical part, Precise Aircraft Parts, Inc.’s engineers have to integrate all these data of covering and foams in the mechanical design.

In the case of interventions on the electric circuit, it is necessary to be able to integrate the functionalities available for the passenger fluidly. The installation of television will require, for example, integration into the seat in such a way that it is based on the decor and that its final rendering is aesthetic. 3D routing with Catia V5, routing of cables taking into account that the seats move, respect of the radii of curvature … a complex set of parameters and calculations come into play.

Precise Aircraft Parts, INC. works today on all types of cabins, aircraft interior, ground component, retables, wheel, brakes & tires systems along with consumables & expendables for not only the general aviation market, but also for rotorcraft, business aviation, and military aircraft markets.

Precise Aircraft Parts, Inc.’s strong business culture brings real value added to our customers as we’ve expertise to assist them with the highest level of services, installations and support.

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