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What is augmented reality and why it is successful

Augmented Reality, widely known under the acronym AR, is a tool with exclusive and innovative potential, capable of technologically presenting a concrete vision of reality. In 2019, around 600,000 businesses invest their resources in the use of augmented reality for companies, while in 2020 the AR will be able to reach about one billion users. AR technology companies have therefore made real strides.

Many have become real leaders in the development of augmented reality solutions for companies. This constant development is therefore a symptom of a constantly positive trend relating to the use of immersive technology in the business sector: many companies invest their resources in new automation projects aimed at optimizing production and organizational processes, proving in all respects in line with the new horizons of Industry 4.0. Just think of the constant application of augmented reality in daily life: about 65% of consumers find this technology useful to find advantages during physical activity or during the development of a purchasing process.


Augmented reality is a technology that is essentially based on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Through its operation, it is capable of creating a projection in the real and tangible world of objects created virtually through the use of intelligent devices. In other words, Augmented Reality is the first real tool capable of optimizing the sensory experience through the perfect combination of digital and real. Augmented reality, based on progress from a technical point of view and on the creation of smart and automated tools, has now become a fundamental weapon for the correct functioning of companies wishing to optimize their business: this technique is able to guarantee automation logistical and production processes, can improve the communication experience by not requiring physical presence and is perfect for providing its collaborators with concrete simulation and training experiences.


Augmented reality does not adapt exclusively to the internal functioning of multinationals or of all economically established companies on the market. Indeed, we can rather define it as a technology that is now essential and particularly advantageous even for small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to optimize their business and position themselves positively in their sector. To apply it in the best way, you should follow some tips that can significantly optimize your business. First of all, define and enhance your products.

Augmented reality can prove to be an indispensable tool to present and describe effectively what is produced: there are products that are difficult to define in words, for this reason the creation of an App capable of showing 3D content and highlighting its practical use could be a perfect solution to optimize your business.

AR is also indispensable in the post-purchase experience of the consumer: creating an application that shows practically how to use the purchased object would avoid the use of the boring instruction booklet greatly optimizing customer satisfaction. Finally, do not forget to organize tantalizing training courses for your collaborators. Infact through the application of augmented reality it is possible to revolutionize the world of employee training by promoting particularly interactive and engaging training activities.

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