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Few things about Hair Transplant which nobody will tell you

Before you go for a hair transplant, you need to know fully about the techniques and its pros and cons. You would have come across various pieces of writing which talk about the usual every-so-often discussed stuff but here we have come for you with some bald truths that might amaze you. Let’s get started:

What are you thinking?

Have you been thinking that the hair transplant will be your twist the wand kind of miracle that will rescue you from the baldness and alopecia issues? If so, then here’s something you have over-estimated. Are you ready to hear it? This is where the consumerism of the clinics comes into play. Therefore, more often than always, people who have had these treatments have faced some real problems afterwards. First of them is that this is not one such solution that you will get once and you will get rid of the problem of alopecia forever. You will have to get more than one treatment to keep it in its right place.

When should you go for a surgery?

Honestly, being one such person who has had multiple surgeries, 12 to be exact in his life, I would recommend that surgery should be your last resort. It should not be your first option. Although you might feel that it is a permanent solution and you would not need to worry afterwards, but still it should be the last option to go for. Try out other hair treatment options which are available. There might be therapies which work for and produce results as good as the hair transplant and sometimes even better than that. Wouldn’t you want to save yourself from the entire torturous procedure?

It is not going to the cure!

For those of you who are experiencing the pattern baldness and who get this surgery done can still face issues of the hair loss, however, gradual. For this it is better to go the medication therapy before you decide to go for the proper hair surgery. Sometimes, the medication yields wonderful results.

Hair transplant are not inexpensive:

Those of you who might be thinking that the hair unit prices are very nominal then you might be unaware of the costs of the entire procedure. Moreover, getting it done again and again to maintain its proper shape is too expensive. Moreover the medication and the extra care which you will have do for keeping your hair in good shape will also take a lot. So, on a whole this is not going to be a very viable option for many people who are looking for some cheap solution to their baldness problem. Also, the health insurance plans do not have these plans included in their insurance packages. So, even if you think that your health insurance can save you from the expenditure than you will not have it from there as well.

Your health might not coordinate with it:

This is an elective surgery and after this surgery it might not be possible for you to have a normal growth pattern. The hair growth will not be according to your normal hair pattern. So you need to spend hours and hours to make your hair right before you leave for any work.

So, those of you who are looking for the best hair transplant in Lahore, best hair transplant in Karachi or are investigating for the best hair transplant in Karachi price should need to know the above mentioned facts. You can find a reliable and professional hair treatment facility. This is life and all of us have to get old one day. So, better is that one starts to accept himself and let not the capitalism fool you.

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