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Important Car Interior Detailing Tips And Tricks

Car lovers know, you can never be too careful or too thorough when it comes to detailing your car. It can also be a lot tougher and more intricate work doing the interior instead of the exterior. In order for the work to be done right, you will likely find yourself devoting much more time to the former. Mainly because there are so many nooks and crannies that need your attention. 

Sure you can hire a professional who specializes in car detailing mechanicsville, but is that really how you’re going to treat your automobile? By having someone else do the work? You take a lot of pride in your car, you understand that the best and only way to do a job, any job, is to do it yourself. 

Especially when that job is taking care of your car. 

So don’t pass up the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and detail the interior of your car all by yourself. It doesn’t need to be a long and drawn out process, not with these important car interior detailing tips and tricks. Let’s take a look at the most crucial things you need to consider: 


Getting the dirt that is ground deep into the carpets and floor mats is best done through a two-part process incorporating vacuuming and hot water extraction. The first is done to pick up the loose articles and surface dirt and dust that can find their way into the floors of the vehicle. 

The second is then used to penetrate deep into the fibers in order to eliminate all of the contaminants and bacteria that gets caught and resides in the carpeting. Apply a carpet cleaner that does not foam from use and then start to scrub with a brush or polisher. The scrubbing is the key, don’t just use the extractor and leave out that critical part of the process. 

Surface Scuffs and Marks

Most vehicles have a lot of visible plastic and vinyl that comprise the interior. Surface dust and gunk will both typically come loose with just some brushing and towels. But those thicker scuff marks from you and others entering and exiting the vehicle (sometimes with heavy objects that can rub and bump against the surfaces) can be much tougher to remove through conventional means of cleaning. 

A good way to remove those visual impairments on the dash, side panels, even the backs of your front row seats is with some common isopropyl alcohol. Apply some of the liquid to a clean, soft cloth and rub away those unseemly marks with the alcohol and you’ll find that you won’t need a lot of elbow grease to get the job done. 

Adjust the Seats

It’s all too easy to tackle all of the immediately visible areas of the interior of your car. But what about those hard to reach areas that aren’t in your eye-line every time you get into the vehicle. We’re talking about that No Man’s Land beneath your seats and in between the seats and center console. You know, that area where all those errant French fries and your smartphone like to dive down and hang out until your fingers struggle to reach and rescue them…but don’t always succeed. 

These areas of the car are no less important than everything else, so you can’t neglect them just because they can be tough to reach. Move your seats forward and backward as far as they slide in either direction to give those locations some much-deserved TLC.

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