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Important Information You Should Know While Flying With Cannabis

Medical Marijuana and Cannabis are getting popularity with the passage of time. But still, there are many global places where the use of cannabis is considered illegal. The presence of THC is the main cause of the banning of Cannabis.

This brings one big problem for you, that what if you are flying with cannabis to a new location? Well, it’s easy to buy this weed online, but you might get into a problem if you land to a new place where it’s illegal to use Cannabis. So, in such a scenario, what are the important points that you should know?

Carry Cannabis in Carry-Bag: The important instruction while carrying Cannabis is to keep them in your carry-on bag which can be easily reached in the hour of need. This instruction is clearly mentioned in many of the Airport authority where the use of Cannabis is legal. Carrying it in your carry bad also save your excess time during the Check-in process, which might be hampered in case you are found with Cannabis?

Keep Your Medical Documentation: As soon as you are called for the check-up, you should be capable to prove your identity along with the medical documentation. The best way to save your time and efforts is to keep the Cannabis and Medical documentation alongside so that they both can be easily taken out of your carry bag.

Along with these two important points, there are some instructions that you should strictly follow during Check-in at the airport.

  • Before taking your flight, you should ensure the legality of Cannabis in the country. If it’s illegal, make sure to keep your documents for proof.
  • Prefer to keep the drug in its actual packaging. It will help the authority to get proper information about the drug.
  • Always keep your medical documentation along with the Cannabis for a hassle-free flight.
  • Carry maximum 30-day medication, as it is not permitted to carry more than 30-days medication.

However, there are still some restrictions in terms of carrying Cannabis on the flight. You are always prohibited to take it during the flight or smoke it, as it will make the environment uncomfortable. Also, you should reach the airport at least an hour before the flight. This will save your time in all the check-in process and get proper clearance for medical cannabis.

Cannabis is one of the drugs which are getting popularity as soon as health benefits are being derived from the research. There are multiple health benefits that have made it popular and recommended medication. Some of the health issues where it proves to be highly effective include:

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Joint Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Migraine
  • Cancer

However, before taking this drug, you should always consult the doctor. Its overdose may cause an adverse effect on your health. You should also know different ways of taking this drug which will also depend upon your health status, stage of your disease and the dose of Cannabis.

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