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Marijuana, meditation, and spirituality

Marijuana is the common name for a crude drug which is a derivate of the plant called cannabis sativa. The main active component of the drug includes THC which is the main mind-altering ingredient but the plant has more than 400 other chemicals. The marijuana joint is often made from the dried particles of the plant such as buds, flowers, and leaves.

It is the amount of THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol which determines how strong its effects. Continuous study and research on the consumption of cannabis have helped a researcher establish some of the best connection between the medical condition and its treatment. A controlled intake of marijuana is said to have some decent benefits in the human body and is the main reason behind legalization and decriminalization of marijuana in certain states.

Marijuana has been practiced for ages and there are number of beliefs related to it. Some consider it as a spiritual tool while other states that using marijuana improves the level of meditation. Undoubtedly cannabis suppresses few senses of an individual and heightens few others. For instance, if you are listening to a song that you enjoy when you are high, then you will be focusing almost entirely on your sense of hearing without affecting other senses and that is the reason why music sounds better under the effect of hallucinogen. In a nutshell, cannabis amplifies that one sense which is most pleasing at the time.

Similarly, if you are trying to understand a spiritual text that you read earlier after getting into the effect of cannabis, then there are high chances you might be able to appreciate it better. Under the effect of cannabis, it is true that if you will take the wrong perception somewhere then you will arrive at the wrong conclusion only. It is not only the cannabis that regulates your belief but the brain limits the associated possibilities. However, it is true when you are high there are chances all your senses focus on the provided work you are performing.

In addition to awakening the spirituality in an individual it also has an amazing capability of quieting the nose and hence can be used to perform better meditation. It helps one connect with the things that are nearest to their heart and soul, a musician will see music, the artisan will see art and similarly scientist will see science. And in case the user doesn’t have anything within, no goals, no aims or intention they might feel spaced out or zoned out.

A proper meditation requires peace and no disturbance allowing one to concentrate within. A mindfulness meditation requires complete concentration, proper body posture, softening of gaze, resisting yet accommodating mindset. People often combine cannabis and mediation for various reasons. It has been stated that cannabis helps to reduce the stress level and negative stimuli making the individual calm and composed. Most of the cannabis user feels cannabis help in relaxation and thus combining it with medication allows them to focus more on their breath and surrounding.

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