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Yoga – The Peace of Mind

Who doesn’t want to be healthy and happy in life! Everyone keeps looking for some or the other mode of keeping the peace of mind intact and leading a life of bliss and happiness.

Yoga is one of the most popular as well as powerful medium of attaining this goal.

What is the correlation between happiness and yoga?

The modern times – that we dwell in- are so much demanding that by the end of the day all we acquire is abundant tiredness, stress and mental dissatisfaction. Despite trying “consciously” on how to attain happiness from small and big achievements, the doors of mental peace and happiness do not seem to open relentlessly.

It is here that yoga plays the role!

Those who perform yoga diligently and adopt it in routine life have realised greater sense of stability and harmony in their mind.

Yoga makes you master the art of self control and better breathing techniques. This practice allows one to think and rethink over their actions that they perform in that period of time leading to greater harmony within the mind. The focus entirely lies on self performance instead of comparison which is the ultimate path of happiness.

It may be difficult to understand without proper explanation.

So let us understand- how do we find happiness with Yoga?

Happiness and yoga are two aspects of the same coin- given that we follow the specified rules and schedule for performing yoga asanas.

It is suggested that yoga must be performed in the morning time as soon as you get up and perform daily tasks. However, the evening time of dusk is also considered ideal for yoga.

You need to sit down in comfortable position before starting to perform the asanas (postures).

Just like we do warm up before workout and breathing in and out before swimming- we perform long and deep inhalation and exhalation in Yoga.

This practice has to go on during the session and if possible throughout the day.

Deep inhalation of oxygen allows the air to fill in sufficiently inside the lungs. The oxygen reaches all the parts of the body uniformly signalling the brain to feel relaxed and peaceful. The more you practice this, the more peaceful you feel. If you want to move on to the path of meditation, you will have to bring your focus to one point.

However, if your aim is to confine into the subject of Happiness and yoga together, then deep inhale and exhale should be done continuously.

Once you start performing the asanas, make sure that you sustain in one position at least 30 seconds to 1 minute. The more you learn to hold yourself in one position, the more stable your thoughts and actions become for day. Try this- you feel accomplished at the end of the session.

Yoga helps in improving your posture which is again a great reason that people find yoga in correspondence with happiness. It is like the extracting sweet honey from the nectar- the process may be long and effort worthy but extremely rewarding.

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