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How To Add More Light To Your House

Adding more light to your home allows you to see more as you relax or cook as well as gives it a warm feel. It also is an attractive attribute to those who might be interested in buying it if you ever consider moving and put it on the market. Here are a few ways to increase the light in the rooms of your house.

Use Fixtures To Your Advantage

While finding ways to utilize natural light can help multiply the glow in your home, you can also brighten each room with the fixtures you have or by switching them out. Adding a crystal chandelier in a foyer or dining room lets the beams bounce off it and redirect them elsewhere, lighting up the entire area. You can also point mobile fixtures toward the wall so that the bulb can reflect off the surface and expand the light it puts off. Contact the electricians washington dc in your area to ask for their assistance in setting these up, especially if what you have is stationary or if your fixture must be rewired. 

Decorations and Color That Lighten Things Up

Install mirrors on the walls of your rooms to reflect the light that is already there. Switch the curtains you have for ones that are a lighter color and are made of gauzy material. Wash your windows inside and out as well, using a quality glass cleaner and a lint free cloth to do so. This lets the natural light from outside to shine in. Paint your walls a neutral color that is a paler shade then hang artwork of the same tints. Add a vibrantly colored rug on warmer tones to accent these features. These will also reflect the rays of light from them as well as give the appearance of a brighter room that your family, friends, and guests will want to spend time in.

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