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Recycling Things In Your Home

You are ready to declutter your home and get rid of things that you no longer need. While it would be easier to throw everything in the trash, sorting out the items that you can recycle will alleviate the burden on your garbage while helping the environment. Here are a few household things you can recycle.


Recycling electronics can be difficult because there are components inside that the landfill reject or charge extra for. There are companies that will recycle my electronics toronto and offer you some cashback to do so. In the instance of cell phones and computers, you might also be able to use these as trade-ins for new products.


While you can throw old books in the recycle bin, you can also repurpose them by donating them to the library or to your local care center. There are also bookstores that will take them on trade either for cash or as a credit towards future purchases. There are also craft projects you can find online that uses old books in a new life.

Ink Cartridges

While it seems simple to throw the cartridges from your printer away, the ink inside should stay out of the landfill because it can harm the environment. Many chain office product stores offer recycling programs in exchange for credit towards future ink purchases. The manufacturer of your printer also may have a recycling program where they will send you a carton and a shipping label for your cartridge then dispose it for you or reuse it if they can.


Electric cords, including the ones that charge your phone or computer, have wires inside of them made of metals that can be recycled. Companies can strip the cord down to its bare parts then sort what can be recycled and what must be thrown out. Call your local metal scrap yard or electronics store to see if they can recommend a place that will do this for you.

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