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If you are planning a fun summer

If you are planning a fun summer backyard barbecue and Olympic game challenge for your friends and family, you may be racking your brain trying to think of fun ideas for party games and the stations to include. You may have already secured the food and drinks and have the guest list finalized. Here are some fun and unique backyard games that are both inexpensive and interactive for all.

Big pong is a fun adaptation on the original beer pong game. If you have some five-gallon buckets lying around, this game may end up costing you nothing out of pocket. If you do not have 10 buckets, you can purchase some for very little out-of-pocket cost. All you will need to purchase is four dodge balls, and you are ready to set it all up. Fill each of the buckets up to the half-way mark, and work in teams of two to try and throw balls into the buckets. Buckets are removed from play as the balls land inside. The first team to eliminate all of their buckets wins that round.

Ladder ball is another fun event to play at any backyard game event. You can purchase a complete ladder ball game from most major retailers during the summer months. You may want to add a bit of sand to the bottom to keep the racks in place during play. You can also build your own ladder ball game with some PVC pipes, paint, small weighted balls and rope. Each player gets three double-ended balls on strings. The object of this game is to toss the balls to connect it with a rung on the ladder from afar. You can try to knock the balls of the opposing team off, or you can focus on aiming for the higher rungs to get the most points and win the match.

Cornhole is another popular backyard game. With cornhole, two angled wooden platforms are set up, and teams take turn tossing colored bean bags across the field with the hope that they land inside the cutout holes. You can knock other player’s bean bags off and cancel out points by landing in the same hole as your opponent. If you plan to play this game often, you may want to invest in custom cornhole sets. Custom Corntoss,, is an example of a company that makes one-of-a-kind custom cornhole boards for any event.

Backyard game events are a fun way to gather family and friends for a day of laughs and memories. Nothing is better than good food, cold drinks, friendly competition and tons of laughs.

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