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The Advantages of a Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Policy

One of the things that sets a regular insurance company apart from a stellar one would be in the inherent services they offer. For example, Fortis Lux Insurance offers a number of important insurance types. Most notably, they offer insurance such as whole life, term life and universal life. However, perhaps the most important insurance they offer would be Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance. The professionals at Fortis Lux financial planning centers realize there are many advantages to going with this brand of insurance. These would include the following:

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance is surprisingly affordable.

There are some individuals who might be concerned that guaranteed acceptance life insurance might be expensive. Well, they might be pleasantly surprised to learn that guaranteed acceptance term life insurance usually can be had for just $10 or less per month and the insurance amounts can range from $2,000 to $25,000. Considering that the premiums will remain the same throughout the term of the policy, this is a great way to allow for your final expenses.

A guaranteed acceptance policy provides “guaranteed acceptance.”

Nothing misleading here. It’s actually pretty self-explanatory. If you are between the ages of 50 and 75, you will automatically qualify for this type of life insurance! Moreover, the application process is often quite a simple affair. Medical exams and health questions are not a requirement and you will not be denied coverage simply because of an underlying health condition.

You can rest easy with the “death benefit” that this policy provides.

If you are concerned about the final expenses that your loved ones will incur when you pass away, please be aware that this policy is designed to help your loved ones meet their final obligations and pay for your final expenses adequately. For all these and many other reasons, this type of insurance is a great option to have. Talk to a provider today in order to go over your options.

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