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Trump’s Changes to Immigration Laws May Impact You

Since President Trump has taken office, policies regarding immigration laws and work visas have undergone some changes. New policies will allow certain work visas to only the most qualified, skilled, highly-paid foreign workers who want to work in the United States.

Under President Trump’s recent executive order that promotes American labor and goods, jobs for foreign workers may be more difficult to get. It’s important for foreign workers with certain work visas to understand the impact of this new order and eb1c requirements. In early 2018, the president made his plan known at a tool manufacturing company that regularly hires foreign workers and buys foreign products. During the meeting, the president stated that his new plan would increase the American labor force and only give jobs to foreign workers who were highly skilled.

The president’s new “Buy American Plan” was implemented to boost employment and wages for American workers, particularly middle-class workers who work at mills and factories throughout the country. It also hopes to discourage and prevent fraudulent actions in the immigration system, often seen when American companies and business owners go outside of the country to hire cheap foreign labor to save on production costs.

President Trump stated that his new plan should discourage cheap foreign labor and promote a larger American labor force. He stated that the government will enforce penalties for companies that hire cheap foreign labor instead of highly-skilled American workers. In 2018, the government suspended certain immigration practices that expedited visa applications for companies or employers who paid higher fees.

Under the president’s new “Buy American Plan,” there are no changes made to H-1b visas, but the president hopes to change the current lottery system to a point-based system within the near future. Currently, foreign workers who want to work in America have not been impacted by the president’s new plan since the plan has not become law. However, foreign workers who are currently working or plan to work in the United States should become familiar with eb1c requirements and immigration policies in case things change.

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