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Is it Necessary to Hire a Lawyer for Custody

Few people understand and consider it necessary to go to a lawyer to bring a child maintenance case. In essence, a lawyer specialized in lawsuits is a closely-trained lawyer who provides its clients with representation before all courts in claiming support for underage children, in juvenile detention or in maintenance claims in divorce cases. In addition to the claimant, a lawyer specialized in this field may also defend defendants against them by rebutting both that they are not due and to challenge the amount of money claimed.

The first and most important element when referring to a lawyer to bring a child support case is that you understand that the amount you can claim is directly related to the defendant’s material condition and, can be proven in court proceedings. The experienced lawyer, after learning the evidence, is required to cool the enthusiasm of the parent claiming unreasonably high support, and based on his attempt to claim before the court an amount consistent with the evidence available and also with the case law.

What are the options to seek child support?

The first option, which very few attorneys offer, insofar as it means lower fees, is the voluntary arrangement of the amount of maintenance between parents – an option particularly relevant given the ever-increasing tendency for couples to live without marriage. The second option is, of course, the widely known and proclaimed case of child maintenance in court with its various variants and shades. As a rule, the amounts due for the maintenance of the offspring are paid until the age of majority, but there is an exception to this rule when the adult is continuing his/ her education.

Which option is the cheapest?
A universal answer to this question cannot be given in the light of the specifics of each particular case.

Option 1. Payment maintenance agreement with notary certification. When such an agreement is concluded, it shall indicate the monthly amount of the maintenance and shall be multiplied by the months until reaching the age of majority. This will also be the amount on which the lawyer’s and notary fees will be calculated. For a number of reasons, as far as the amounts are different, there is no way to say what the abovementioned costs for a lawyer and a notary will be.

Option 2. Referral to a court of a maintenance case. It is wrong to accept that bringing such a case before the competent district court means extremely detrimental relations between the parties. Just such a procedure may be considerably cheaper than the determination of maintenance by a notarized agreement. In most cases, the attorney’s fee for child support is lower than the notarial fees and side costs of notary certification, although the differences in the amounts do not differ dramatically.
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