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Auto Transmission Service in Sandy Demystified

When you’re looking for Sandy transmission repair shops, you might have some concerns about how much work you really need done. After all, your transmission is one of the most important and expensive parts of your vehicle. This causes a lot of stress on the average driver, but there’s no reason to worry. Simply learn a little bit about transmissions and you’ll be able to understand, generally speaking, the what and wherefore of auto transmission service in Sandy shops.

The first thing to know is how little you probably know. Even if you’re a transmission expert, chances are that your shop knows more about fixing these systems than you do. That’s a good thing: You want to take your vehicle to the experts. You trust them to make the right decisions and do the work efficiently. This is the main reason it’s important to choose a reputable shop.

What Is a Transmission?

There are two major types of transmission: automatic and manual. Manual transmissions, or stick shifts, are generally cheaper to repair and replace. Automatic systems save money on gas and often improve performance, especially acceleration. In a manual, you listen to your engine, feel the vibrations of your vehicle and watch the dashboard gauges in order to know when to shift gears. Automatic systems have sophisticated sensors and computers to perform the same task.

What Could Go Wrong?

Sandy transmission repair shops would be the first to tell you that nearly anything can go wrong with these complex devices. However, the most common culprit by far is the fluid. Automobile transmissions work in a similar way to bicycle gears, except they use a liquid to change from one size gear to the next. Poor fluid maintenance is the first step towards issues with transmission solenoids and gaskets, so make sure to stay up-to-date on your service schedule.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is probably the primary concern for most motorists. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to determine a general cost for transmission repairs. It’s such a complex system that fixes range from a simple fluid flush to a total teardown and rebuild. Repairs tend to cost less than replacements, simply because most vehicles require extensive disassembly with specialized tools before mechanics can even begin to remove a transmission.

Knowing when to get an expert opinion can help, especially when it comes time to trusting Sandy transmission repair shops with your vehicle. Understanding what type of transmission you have can also help when it comes time to talk about prices. Choose a service center with a good reputation, and the rest should be a piece of cake.

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