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Effective project management is essential to the mining industry

What is it that enables companies to entirely transform business and effectively execute strategy? For businesses of every industry, for companies of any size, expertise in project management is something that is non-negotiable. The mining sector is no exception.

Project managers exude organisation

Any mining engineer would agree that the planning and initiation of a mining project is a pivotal, defining step. The preliminary work is anything but a mere formality. Feasibility studies govern the very existence of the project hence a knowledgeable project manager – well versed in the mining discipline –is trusted to assume the responsibility of evaluating the profitability of the mineral reserve in question, and to do so optimally.

The feasibility study itself can be sub categorised into different stages based on the extent of the different reports required throughout the process. Economic feasibility testing involves quantifying costs and the associated revenue to be realised upon implementation of the project, all of which needs to be done in the correct sequence: project management skills contribute towards the success of this enormous, arguably nascent, phase.  Outsource this job to mining engineering consultants so that you know it is done correctly, by accredited professionals and experienced mining project managers.

Project managers facilitate collaboration

The execution of a project requires communication between a myriad parties and that’s another area where project management intervention becomes integral. All the relevant parties must collaborate so that resources are correctly aligned in terms of the expected outcomes. Activities must be rendered measurable and delegated as such. The smaller constituents of the project should come together in the overall master plan, which extends beyond the physical completion of the actual mining project. This needs to be done meticulously by someone who is capable of overseeing a collaborative procedure on such a large scale. Proper mining solutions take the veritable complexity of a project into account.

Project managers ensure integration

Even the project closure period involves input from the project manager. The mark of efficient integration becomes evident following this involvement and an integrative approach is only possible if managers have already accumulated thorough experience. Typically, project engineers need to acquire the right training to eventually fill project management roles. It has been asserted, however, that there is a shortage of engineers who have a true flair for management which makes identifying a suitable mining solution provider one’s best option.

It is time that project management skills are awarded their due recognition across the board – for the benefit of the mining industry, yes, but also for the ultimate growth of South Africa’s economy.

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