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Day by day the thirst of technology has become higher that people are demanding innovation in all aspects. Right from small toy to a big electronic appliance people are looking for variety in it. Less expensive, supreme performance, high quality and portability are the key factors that are taken into consideration. Taking this into account, the Greenis have emerged with innovative technology in manufacturing interesting kitchen tool for blending and smoothie preparation.

Snapshot of GREENIS:

With the happy experience in the delivery of over more than 30 countries, Greenis promises and provides best blender to its customer. The main motto of this firm is “Quality, Reliability and Sustainability”. With research that are innovative in nature and superior technology in hand the products of Greenis has perfect result, provides high durability and works with less power consumption. The other notable feature of this brand name is its design and color that are very latest and updated.

Greenis Best Smoothie Blender:

The blender of Greenis is considered as best smoothie blender because of the following features:

  • Premium and precise.
  • Stylish design and supreme quality of blending.
  • Smart application control.
  • Eye catchy Elegant designs that takes your breath away.
  • BPA free jar and blades made of stainless steel.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Intuitive operation.

High power best smoothie blenders powered by Greenis:

Greenis being the best among the blender designing and manufacturing, makes the blending experience adorable. The blenders of this firm are available with many features which makes the blending process quick and easy. As best smoothie blender manufacturers the Greenis provides blenders in such a way that they are serving the purpose.

The following are the series of Greenis Best smoothie blenders:

  1. Greenis FGR-8840:

As the pioneer of smart technology, this blender is highly manipulated with advanced technology of microchip, which helps the blender to act with the program me feeded in the chip. The motor of this blender has the ability to crush any ingredients into pieces with its working capacity of 30,000RPM. The tritan jar made of 100% BPA free material makes it strong and tough and hence it is highly durable.  The unique blade system helps in blending of any type of ingredients. Also has DIY mode option.

  1. Greenis FGR-8800:

This blender is known for its industry leading motor technology. The brushless DC motor which is incorporated in this blender makes it to work with less energy consumption. Performs heavy duty blending with less noise. The Bluetooth connectivity option in this blender makes it to connect with the mobile and in turn act as a recipes database. The jar of this blender is made up of 4.5MM thick Tritan, with hard, tough and corrosive resistant stainless blade system. The advanced microchip technology makes it to work smart, fast and very precise. The body is scratch resistant and waterproof.

  1. Greenis FGR-8830:

The protection options are the notable features of this blender. It has safety protection against Overheat, over load, blocking and jar sensor. Special child lock option is also available in in this. The jar made of following the principles of efficient Vortex technology makes it unique and user-friendly. DIY mode is available. The commercial grade 3.7 peak HP motor with built in stabilizer provides a supreme quality of blending. Unlike other blenders, the control system is made of aluminum and touchscreen interfaces. Other notable features include Bluetooth connectivity and smart phone app control.

  1. Greenis FGR-8880:

The unique blade system makes this blender a different one. The SUS301 crushing blade makes this blender to blend any types of ingredients with less power consumption. The commercial grade 3.7 peak HP motor with built in stabilizer provides a supreme quality of blending. It requires minimal power consumption of 1400 watt. Inbuilt with 6 regular programs which includes juice, smoothies, sauce, hot drinks, grind and ice cube crush. Like other blender this one also has DIY button for self-programming. Setting time makes your work tension free. Wet finger accessibility, compact design, smart blending, Bluetooth function are other notable features.

Best smoothie blenders are those which are installed with motor system which works with less power consumption, jars made up of BPA free plastic material, can crush any type of ingredients into pieces without damaging the nutrients and fibers of the ingredients, has a special blade arrangement, completes the process quickly and efficiently, comes in affordable price range. As all these features are the core principal of Greenis Smoothie Blenders, we call Greenis the best smoothie blender

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