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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Seeks To Bring A Cure Through His Healing School

The work of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been of great importance to millions of people across the planet for many years as they feel this experienced pastor has the skills to heal the sick and rekindle the spirituality of both the congregation and ministers from across the planet. Through his Healing School, the Pastor is now looking to help as many people as possible in developing a new and impressive way of experiencing the love of God as a healing force for good; as this work is completed as part of the Christ Embassy mission of Chris Oyakhilome, the work is not solely focused on conditions affecting the body, but also on those mental and spiritual illnesses often seen as difficult to solve.

The school has become an integral work of the annual schedule of the Pastor as he moves through each year with a range of activities designed to make sure each and every aspect of God’s work is brought successfully to his followers. Through the work of his Healing School, Pastor Chris believes he can be of great service for those who are seeking his help in a way that is offered free of charge to all those looking for a way of bringing a cure to the lives of all those who are feeling they need the assistance of God through the work of Chris Oyakhilome. The Pastor has become world-famous for the range of TV networks he has established from the 1990s onward from a base in his native Nigeria; the global impact of Chris Oyakhilome has taken on many different aspects of work from the use of Twitter as an educational tool to the development of the annual school events for all those with an eye on improving themselves for the future.

Pastor Chris not only looks for simple ways of improving the lives of those attending his school but has also developed weekly prayer network posts designed to focus the power of prayer of his followers on the neediest cases and important issues of the day. Prayer has always been an important part of the life of Chris Oyakhilome as he has looked to inspire as many people as possible to pray and seek the word of God as possible, including the use of the world’s most published devotional series, “Rhapsody of Realities”. This devotional series is written by Chris Oyakhilome and has been published in more than 200 different languages and distributed to almost every country in the world.

The Prayer network established by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is just one area of interest that has become a major part of the work being completed by the man born in Nigeria who has become one of the world’s leading spiritual leaders from a base he has made sure remained in his home nation of Nigeria. Chris Oyakhilome’s School in Canada offers a range of educational and healing services free of charge with donations always sought from donors around the world to allow as many people in medical, mental, and spiritual need to work with feel the Holy Spirit passing through them as possible with the aid of the founder of the LoveWorld TV networks.

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