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Maryam Rajavi: Her Viewpoint about IranianWomen’s Rights

Maryam Rajavi is not an unknown and unheard name in the field of politics and administration, especially if you keep up with the same grandeur in the country of Iran. She is the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran since 1993. Not just that, Rajavi is also the leader of the People Mujahedin of Iran which is trying to overthrow the Iranian Government. While their ideologies and concerns about the entire well being of the nation have been highlighted on several terms, the Iranian women rights under the organization deserve a separate mention altogether.

Here, we will mention the common ground points concerning the women rights in tomorrow’s Iran as proposed by Iranian exile parliament president, Maryam Rajavi.

Fundamental Freedom and Rights

For this basic human right that every Iranian woman should be able to enjoy along with the fundamental freedom much like every other citizen in the country. It goes on to emphasize the points stating that irrespective of the demographics as well as the socio-economic status, every woman should have equal rights in all strata like that of men.

In addition, women should also be free to choose their own place of residence or even from where they get their education. Any form of faith or religious beliefs should never be counterfeited as a mode of derogation of the women.

Equality before Law

Under these collective viewpoints, guaranteed exposure to the judicial recourse should be enjoyed by every single woman. They should mandatorily enjoy the protection of law equal to that of men. In case of any form of case hearing or showcase, women must have equal rights like that of men before the court. Any form of discrimination in that prospect should never be entertained. According to their viewpoint, the legal age for every girl should be set at 18 before which criminal imprisonment should be abducted.

Freedom to Wear What They Want

Clothing and attire restrictions should not become a barrier for a women’s self-expression and that is what Maryam Rajavi is trying to preach. According to her viewpoint, she stated that a woman should always have the free will to choose her own clothing without any subjected interference of the government. Not just that, the law embodied around the concept of forced veiling should also be abolished. She further went on to mention the repealing of the law that imposed administrative punishments on women who refuse to veil their faces.

Equal Participation in Political Leadership

With the heights that women have reached around the world, it is a no-brainer to not let them be equal parts involved in political leadership and that is what Rajavi believes in. Women of Iran should have the rightful freedom to be involved in the formulation of government policies and any kind of prohibitions against that should be rightfully repealed.

These are just a few points and ideologies showcased by Maryam Rajavi. With the revolutionizing thoughts and breakthrough that she is introducing, it is no doubt that the future for the women in Iran seems quite bright.

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