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Ways You Damage Your Cell Phone Every Day

Cell phones can be expensive, especially if you are one of those individuals that enjoy knowing you have the newest and best products available on the market. Because they are so costly, you may choose to take special care of them by protecting the phone with a special case, making sure you keep it away from water, and updating your older apps. No matter how hard you try, you can’t protect your phone from all the damage the world can inflict on the tiny device. Here are three ways you may inadvertently damage your cell phone every day.

1. Connecting

When you leave your phone plugged in for long periods of time after it is already charged, it can cause your phone to over heat and damage the internal stability of your electronic device. If you cover your phone when charging it, the heat can become enough to cause the wiring to fracture.

2. Dropping

Even if your phone is sitting on your desk and falls onto a carpeted floor, you could be causing micro fractures in parts of the circuits. When manufactures use devices to produce silicon wafer polishing components a fraction of an inch thick as electromagnetic semiconductors for your phone, the parts are so fragile that even a short fall to the floor can do extensive damage to the wafers.

3. Linking

Keeping your phone on 24/7 can cause more damage than you would suspect because the delicate components inside have a limited life expectancy. Turn your phone off and give it a rest when you are at dinner with a friend, watching a movie, or taking a shower. Even the short respite can prolong your beloved phone’s life.

No matter how long you plan on keeping your phone, making sure you aren’t sabotaging its short life can guarantee your cell will work when you need it most. Keep your phone safe and in good working order, and it can keep you safe in return.

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