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Authenticating Educational Credentials

As the workforce continues to require new skills, higher education is becoming even more essential for applicants. Resumes generally indicate which institutions applicants attended, but this data is not always accurate. A student may have received a degree, but the performance throughout a degree program needs verification. Merely possessing a degree does not automatically translate into knowledge used on the job. While employers wish to give applicants the benefit of the doubt, these credentials must be verified to make sure the correct candidate receives the position. With this said, screening applicants properly involves the use of education verification services.

Reducing Repeat Hires

In the age of placement fees being paid out to recruitment firms, hiring candidates can become a costly endeavor. By using education verification services, employers significantly reduce the likelihood of hiring the wrong individual. Even if a business is confident in a new hire, probationary periods are used to determine if the employee is a good fit. Technology plays a significant role in screening the resumes of candidates, but education credentials need to be verified by a human.

Establishing Truth

When an individual is desperate for a new position, embellishing information on the resume or cover letter is a possibility. Some services instruct candidates on what to place on these documents to get a foot in the door. Regardless of employment status, a candidate’s expenses come due each month. Education verification services are used to verify the claims made by candidates regarding past experiences. An employer certainly does not want to hire an individual who is willing to create falsehoods that surround expertise.

Protecting Consumers

Validating educational credentials is especially important for positions that involve the health of consumers. It is possible for medical practitioners who falsify background information to harm people who trust the field of medicine. Physicians can risk having a practice shut down due to a peer holding a position they should not possess.

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